Monarch Films specializes in the distribution and aggregation of entertainment content by connecting our independent producers, production companies, and in house production with leading cable, satellite, telco, and digital platforms. We have a distribution system in place to monetize your content and license it to TV, DVD, or via our numerous digital partners such as AMAZON PRIME USA, AMAZON PRIME UK, TUBI,  HULU, Basebone CMV Laser, CLA Western Europe, CDI SRI, Iflix, Kanopy, MX PLAYER, Watch TV, WATCH 4 TV, Pride Channel, Hyvio, Flick TV, Fuse TV, Sling TV, Syndicado, Cinemagic South Africa, OOVVUU, HOUSE OF DARKNESS, HARDKNOCKFIGHTING CHANNEL, STIRR, PLUTO, XUMO, ZESN (SAMSUNG TV), CINEMAVIEW, PANTAFLIX, IMBD TV, 02 TV, OOVVUU TV, DIGITAL FAIRWAY, REAL STORIES, VALLEY ARM DIGITAL, ASPEN HILL CHANNEL, CGM TV, Advertainment, VYRE TV, DISTRO TV, PLEX, FILM AHOY, STREAMSTER, ROKU, and via our own OTT APP THE MONARCH CHANNEL available on IOS, ANDROID, ROKU, AMAZON FIRESTICK, and SAMSUNG TV.


At Monarch Films we encourage new producers to bring their completed or nearly completed feature films, documentaries, and TV series along with producers with older libraries, particularly those with successful TV series to bring their content to Monarch Films and we will look to find ways to monetize, and realize new revenue for its producers.

Recently, the company’s library has grown to over 1500 hours of content. Currently we are interested in all factual and fiction content, including feature films, long running TV series, but in particular content that deals with subjects like the paranormal, aliens, Space, War, the Military, Conspiracies, Celebrities, Hollywood, Firemen, Cops, and Terrorism.

If you want to make a submission of content go to our online submission form on this website or if you are a TV Channel or Digital or Streaming Platform who is interested in finding out about our available content inquire via email at

At Monarch Films we believe that most films, TV series, and documentaries have an audience that goes beyond the standard “Lowest Common Denominator” demands of mainstream Television. This audience simply needs to be reached, and it is our job to find the TV and Digital partners that can both make this content available to these audiences, and to find the formula to monetize this content in those marketplaces.