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Yancey McCord: The Killer That Arizona Forgot About

Year: 2020
Length: 97 Min
Color: Color
Details: HDTV
Cast: Chris Robinson, Mark Speno, John H. Euber


This film investigate a mass murder in a small and remote Arizona town in 1961. The victims were five members of the Jenkins family � the two parents and their three children � along with a pair of visiting children. All seven were killed in one night, by an unknown assailant using a hammer and a knife. Suspicion fell on Yancey McCord, a local who was quickly taken in to custody by the local constable. Only. McCord was released or escaped from custody less than 24 hours later, and vanished. The constable quit his position a few days later, and the whole incident was quickly forgotten. Was McCord the killer? What happened to him? Perhaps there was another perpetrator or perpetrators?


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