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The Falkland Heroes

Filmmaker: Richard Driscoll
Year: 2020
Length: 70 Min
Color: Color
Details: HDTV
Cast: Martin Aylott, Robert Wilford, Bob Flag


Falklands Heroes is like no other war film before it as it immerses the audience into the story to the point where you believe that you are actually in the middle of battle. The voyeuristic way that the film has been made helps the audience immerse themselves in one soldier's harrowing tale. Part war movie, part espionage story. Falklands Heroes is in the tradition of Saving Private Ryan & Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy.

John Hardcastle is a SAS soldier sent to the Falklands to fight the Argentinians. Based on a true story, this film takes you behind what happened leading up to the Falklands War in 1982, and afterward when newspaper journalist James Hammond unearths the real truth. Falklands Heroes shows the audience what it is like to be a member of the SAS Elite Unit.

This film has been produced to convey the real gritty act of war mixed with a lost film style of production. it brings to the audience what war is really like.


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