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Tales of the Supernatural

Filmmaker: Steven M. Smith, Daniel Johnson
Year: 2015
Length: 85 Minutes
Color: Color, HDTV
Details: SD
Cast: Bruce Payne , Jon Campling, Patch Harris


The film consists of six supernatural tales (Disturbance, The Hike, Bryan's Daughter, The Book, Naked and Paralysis) linked together by a demon who is intent on collecting human souls. TALES OF THE SUPERNATURAL follows "The Demon" (banished to Earth by The Devil) as he performs an unholy ritual that releases the souls of the damned from each story segment. This first film (of 3 planned) has six segments linked together. "The Demon" is torturing a young Priest and extracting the pain of the souls from each segment. The young Priest takes on the pain of the each tortured soul until his bloody demise.

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