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Rebel: Directors Cut

Filmmaker: Robert Schnitzer
Year: 1973
Length: 87 Minutes
Color: COLOR
Details: 4K Remastered NEW REBEL: DIRECTOR's CUT
Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Tony Page, Vickie Lancaster


On its 50th anniversity "REBEL" Director's Cut" is Newly Remastered in 4K.

Sylvester Stallone First Starring Role and First Feature Film in the Anti-war Cult Classic feature "REBEL".

In the fall of 1969, Jerry Savage (Sylvester Stallone), a student anti-war activist, leaves college to join a radical terror cell planning to blow up the NYC skyscraper housing the offices of a defense contractor that manufactures torture cells during the still-raging fiasco called the Vietnam War.  All the while Jerry is being pursued by the FBI and seduced by kinky belly-dancer Estelle Ferguson, a member of the cell.

When he meets and falls in love with jewelry-maker/flower child Laurie Fisher, she is dead-set against his tactics.  She believes the violence in our world can be stopped only through the power of love, not more violence.  It is the resolution of this dialectic that ultimately determines Stallone’s tragic fate.

Produced in 1971, the film was initially released in 1973 under the title No Place to Hide. This Cult Classic has been licensed and re-licensed to scores of Domestic home video, TV and Foreign distributors since its initial release. In 2003, "Rebel's" original producer Movicorp removed the film from all markets. In 2023, the original Rebel's producer Movicorp re-cut, restored and remastered the film lovingly in 4K/stereo, and re-named it "Rebel: Director’s Cut." which was just releashed in the Spring 0f 2024


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