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Year: 2009
Length: 96 Minutes
Color: Color
Details: SD
Cast: Michael Esparza,C.Thomas Howell,Billy Maddox,Janelle Guimarra


Emilio and Sandy need to �get out�� before it is too late. Growing up working on his tyrannical stepfather�s gas station in the middle of nowhere, Emilio discovers that he has the ability to run fast. With the hope of a college track scholarship, he sees an opportunity to leave his troubles behind and take his childhood sweetheart Sandy with him. Yet, a violent streak induced by years of exposure to gasoline vapors, threatens to destroy his best-laid plans. Emilio struggles to overcome his rage and the suffocating control of his step father even as Sandy fears the consequences of leaving with him. In spite of it all Emilio never abandons his dream and hope flows through his heart not like blood but like fuel.


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