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El Camino

Year: 2008
Length: 91 Min
Color: Color
Details: SD
Cast: Elisabeth Moss (The Handmade's Tale, Mad Men), Christopher Denham (Argo, Shelter Island)


Elliot is a product of the Washington D.C. foster care system who has spent most of his life moving from place to place. When he's contacted by Matthew, a childhood friend from "the system" dying of cancer, Elliot goes to be by his side. At the funeral, he meets Gray and Lily (Elisabeth Moss), two friends of Matthew who are aimless in their present lives. Motivated by a collective sense of loss and personal anguish, Gray, Lily, and Elliot steal Matthew's ashes and take them to Mexico. As they travel cross-country, they must confront their own sense of family, identity, and future. Set against the changing American landscape, EL CAMINO is the story of three people trying to find themselves in a country with no identity.


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