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Cannibal Claus

Year: 2016
Length: 66 minutes
Color: Color
Details: HDTV
Cast: Bob Glazier, Alberto Giovannelli, Mady Giovannelli, Lucio Giovannelli, Slake Counts, Ashley Lynn Caputo, Joe Makowski, Ken Anthony II, Paula Tsurara, Gia Love, Cayt Feinics, Amanda Welch, Racheal Shaw, Krystal Pixie Adams, Stephanie Jensen, Tyler Smith, Lisa Marie Kart, Eric Danger Dionne


It's Christmas Eve and Santa is out and about spreading joy...with a hatchet and some BBQ skewers. Cannibal Claus is the modern tale of a mall Santa Claus who is down on his luck at Christmas time. Instead of staying in on Christmas Eve, he decides to go out and punish the naughty in this blood drenched, meat filled, cannibal feast! Watch if you dare, Cannibal Claus is guaranteed to leave you repulsed!


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