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Beyond the Seventh Door

Filmmaker: Bozidar D. Benedikt
Year: 2012
Length: 90 Minutes
Color: COLOR
Details: SD
Cast: Lazar Rockwood, Bonnie Beck


Released from jail, ex-con Boris (Lazar Rockwood) is ready to go on the straight and narrow until he meets up with former girlfriend Wanda (Bonnie Beck). Now working as a maid for a prominent paraplegic millionaire (Gary Freedman), she convinces Boris that it would be a cinch to break into her boss' palatial estate and grab some valuables before anyone even realizes. Boris reluctantly agrees, but when the two force their way into an unguarded basement entryway during an elegant costume party a few days later, they find a big surprise--as the door clicks shut behind them, hidden loudspeakers inform the pair that the basement has been converted into an elaborate trap for potential thieves, six chambers of deadly puzzles that, if solved, will lead the pair to the most valuable reward they could imagine.

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