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Beyond Honor

Filmmaker: Varun Khanna
Year: 2006
Length: 101 Minutes
Color: COLOR
Details: SD
Cast: Wadie Andrawis, Mirelly Taylor, Laoral Melagranno, Ryan Izay , Jason Smith


What happens when the sexually liberated, university educated daughter of a fundamentalist Moslem couple living in the U.S. strays too far from the family�s strict moral code? Sahiras Middle Eastern born father still believes in the age old rite of female circumcision, which is endured by up to 130 million female children and teenagers each year and supposedly ensures a woman�s chastity by excising her genitalia. In Sahiras case, the ancient remedy against carnal desires has an unexpected result which throws the entire family into turmoil. A heart wrenching dramatic portrayal of cultural and family conflict! 

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