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Bella's Story

Filmmaker: Yancey Arias
Year: 2018
Length: 70 Min.
Color: Color
Details: HDTV
Cast: Starring Jason Gedrick (Dexter, Luck, Bosch, Major Crimes), Sharon Leal (Supergirl), Nestor Serrano (The Last Ship), Yancey Arias (Queen of the South, Bosch)


Jason Gedrick, Sharon Leal, and Nestor Serrano star in this powerful drama.  Bella, a young woman who wants more out of life than the environment she is in. She longs to fulfill her dreams as a journalist, but she has a complicated family life. She has never met her mother or father and is being raised by her well meaning compulsive gambler Uncle (Gedrick). He promises her that he would have the money to send her to college but his recent gambling loses have taken that opportunity away. As she watches her best friend go off to school, Bella finds herself unfulfilled and longs to do something about it. Taking on theft as a solution almost leads Bella to an unhappy ending, but she overcomes the odds by gaining trust from her mentor (Sharon Leal) and turning their reality into a fairy tale.

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