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50 Caliber Militia

Filmmaker: Steven Rosenbaum
Year: 2002
Length: 45 Minutes
Color: Color
Details: HDTV
Cast: Gun dealer Bob Stewart


For the first time, we're taken deep inside the heart of today's Militia and find that
it's far from declining; the movement is being fueled by an angry core of
extremists and anti-government activists who've found ways of operating below
official and watchdog scrutiny. The documentary finds a Militia increasingly well-armed with weapons of war never designed or intended for civilian use. The .50 Caliber Militia reveals an
underground network of dealers and extremists trading guns - such as the .50
Caliber - capable of piercing buildings from over a mile away. Our crew captures
on tape a leader of the Michigan Militia visiting the home of convicted felon and
gun dealer Bob Stewart as he prepares to go on trial for selling literally hundreds
of unregistered kit versions of his homemade version of the .50 Caliber - the
Maddi Griffen.


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