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The Legend of Harrow Woods

Filmmaker: Richard Driscoll
Year: 2012
Length: 87 Min,
Color: Color
Details: SD
Cast: Steven Crain, Rik Mayall , Jason Donovan, Christopher Walken as the Narrator


A film about a group of students who visit a haunted forest called Harrow Woods in New England for a weekend vacation to investigate the disappearance of horror novelist George Carney and his family who went missing presumed dead two years earlier led by lecturer Karl Mathers. The group of students embark on their investigation to learn that the forest has more horrors to offer then first realised as they discover that in the 17th Century the infamous witch Lenore Selwyn was burnt at the stake within Harrow Woods. As she struggled against the flames she cursed the very land that her ashes fell upon. With the knowledge of this information the group are murdered one by one on their weekend of horrors.


Available worldwide excluding USA 


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