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I Witness: The Bluebird Cafe

Filmmaker: Steven Rosenbaum
Year: 2000
Length: TV Series, 5 x 22 Minutes Episodes
Color: Color
Details: SD


If you want to be a country music star, chances are you'll end up at the Bluebird Cafe, Nashville's song-writing mecca. What kind of people have dreams to be America's next Garth Brooks or Shania Twain? Gene Cook: with a big time manager, he's working his way into Nashville's heart. Andy Jennings: as a Bluebird waitress, her dreams of becoming a songwriter seem to be just within her grasp. Tiffany: America's mall sweetheart, she's reinventing herself into a country diva. Malcolm Holcomb: he's Music City's original bad boy. Every week is either another chance at discovery or more rejection for the would-be stars.


Aired originally on Discovery Eye on People Channel


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