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I Witness: Birth of a Militia

Filmmaker: Steven Rosenbaum
Year: 2000
Length: TV Series, 5 x 22 Minute Episodes
Color: Color
Details: SD
Cast: Johnny Bangerter, David Dalbythe


In remote La Verkin, Utah, an hour north of the Grand Canyon, a small group of believers have formed the Rocky Mountain Militia. White superiority and the fight for racial purity are among their core objectives. Our cameras take you inside a world that has never been exposed. We meet Johnny Bangerter, the leader of the Rocky Mountain Militia, along with his followers including his wife Casey, his mother Mary Lynn, his sister Mary, and David Dalby, the resident survivalist and isolationist. Hiding nothing, they put their radical and troubling beliefs right out on the kitchen table.


Aired originally on Discovery Eye on People Channel

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