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I Witness: Area 51: Roswell Alien Legacy

Filmmaker: Steven Rosenbaum
Year: 2000
Length: TV Series, 5 x 24 Minutes
Color: Color
Details: SD


When the U.S. Army base in Roswell, NM closed in 1967 it looked like this little town might dry up and blow away. The town was slowly rebuilding its economy when it stumbled on an unexpected boon. Roswell found the Alien. A little known local legend had kicked around for years. It said that, in 1947. something crashed in the desert just north of town and the military covered up the incident. Now, thanks to the legend, Roswell is on the cover of Time Magazine and the pheonix-like rise from the ashes is complete. As tens of thousands of tourists and their fat wallets land in Roswell, we join the search for the truth.


Aired originally on Discovery Eye on People Channel


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