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I Dream of Jodie: The Private Life of Jodie Moore

Filmmaker: RSP
Length: 13 x 22 Minutes
Color: Color


I DREAM OF JODIE is a reality series which follows the life of Jodie Moore one of the world's best know adult stars. Jodie Moore is a major worldwide adult film star featured on the Private Adult DVD Label and the star of Playboy TV's TOUR GIRLS series. A name search for her on Google revels over 3000 websites dedicated or featuring her popular image and performances. In 2002 she was awarded a Venus Award for Best Adult Actress - U.S.A. She also has her own adult toy line called Jodie Moore's Signature Toys. I DREAM OF JODIE: The Private Life of Jodie Moore is a Road Trip series like you've never seen before, part "THE ANNA NICOLE SHOW" and part the "SIMPLE LIFE 2." I DREAM OF JODIE: The Private Life of Jodie Moore is a two month trek across America with one of world's best known Adult Film Star's Jodie Moore. Jodie exudes a certain charm that's impossible to deny in this addictive reality series that follows the life of international adult star Jodie Moore 24/7. The series focuses on the behind the scenes drama of her life featuring her fans, friends, her lover/manager Craig Fisher, fellow Strip performers, Adult Film Stars, and hangers on, who all star along with Jodie in this no holds bar journey into her world. Nudity only.


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