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Dreaming of Space

Year: 2005
Length: 87 Min
Color: Color.
Details: HDTV, Russian with English subtitles
Cast: Eugeny Mironov, Irina Pegova, Eugeny Tsyganov,


The USSR, 1957 � a time of hope and genuine belief that the future will be bright. The Soviet satellite is conquering space, and on the Earth, in a little port city, the bright beaming eyes of Konyok and Lara - a naive restaurant cook and his waitress girlfriend - follow the movement of the satellite with hope and excitement. Their romance is disrupted by the appearance of a mysterious stranger, Gherman. He knows for sure that one can not run away from this country. One can only fly. Or swim. When Lara is smitten by Gherman's mysterious cynicism a lover's triangle starts to emerge. Russian eng subtitles

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