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Celebrity Skin Part 1 and Part 2

Year: 2012
Length: Part 1 94 Minutes, Part 2 90 Minutes
Color: COLOR
Details: SD
Cast: Kim Cattrall , Jill Clayburgh , Glenn Close , Bo Derek , Angie Dickinson , Morgan Fairchild , Farrah Fawcett , Sherilyn Fenn , Samantha Fox , Laura Gemser , Melissa Gilbert , Melanie Griffith , Linda Hamilton , Daryl Hannah


Get ready for a wild ride as we journey through that provocative period in cinema, the 70s and 80s, a time of no-holds-barred moviemaking featuring unparalleled quantities of sex and nudity on-screen. Travel back in time through our retrospective series of documentaries that trace the roots of sex and nudity in cinema, uncovering groundbreaking films and the stars that disrobed in them. Narrated by our own in-house film historian, we highlight the series of events that led to the breaking down of the ratings system, the actresses and directors that challenged censorship and the controversial films that revolutionized the period and broke down long-standing barriers. Our in-depth expose is packed with revealing bios and facts, unveiling the most famous and sexiest actresses of the 70's and 80's and their contributions to skin on the screen. In many cases it was their first and only nude appearance on film, making this a must-have reference guide to nudity in cinema. Scenes with Kim Basinger, Morgan Fairchild, Darlyn Hannah, and hundreds more of Hollywood Hottest Actress


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