Crash Impact 1-111

3 x 52 Minute Episodes


CRASH IMPACT CRASH IMPACT-Sixty minutes of the most amazing crashes available extracted from hours of racing footage! From motorcycles to boats to cars, this tape assembles the most spectacular accidents & incidents from the most popular categories of motorsports. Watch the havoc as man and machine combine skill and precision in the fever determination to emerge triumphant!!! CRASH IMPACT II CRASH IMPACT II is the wildest, most death-defying fide you can experience without leaving your living room: Jam-packed with totally fresh mayhem from North America's world of motorsports, CRASH IMPACT II bring you front & center to witness high-speed chaos when it all goes wrong in more than a dozen top categories of racing. The action-packed hour of mayhem and havoc from the risky side of power and pride is set to a hard-diving sounds of some of Hollywood's hottest musicians. CRASH IMPACT III CRASH IMPACT, the latest in the definitive motorsports crash series brings you explosive action set to a pulsating soundtrack scored by Hollywood's hottest musicians. Bursting with additional categories, CRASH IMPACT III also features on-bike and in-car segments that virtually put you in the driver's seat when things tend to get a little

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