This reality series is available in a network standard version
One of hottest shows in it's debut in primetime on SKY TV in New Zealand. Also airing on Fox Latin America.

I Dream of Jodie: The Private Life of Jodie Moore

13 x 22 Minutes


I DREAM OF JODIE is a reality series which follows the life of Jodie Moore one of the world's best know adult stars. Jodie Moore is a major worldwide adult film star featured on the Private Adult DVD Label and the star of Playboy TV's TOUR GIRLS series. A name search for her on Google revels over 3000 websites dedicated or featuring her popular image and performances. In 2002 she was awarded a Venus Award for Best Adult Actress - U.S.A. She also has her own adult toy line called Jodie Moore's Signature Toys. I DREAM OF JODIE: The Private Life of Jodie Moore is a Road Trip series like you've never seen before, part "THE ANNA NICOLE SHOW" and part the "SIMPLE LIFE 2." I DREAM OF JODIE: The Private Life of Jodie Moore is a two month trek across America with one of world's best known Adult Film Star's Jodie Moore. Jodie exudes a certain charm that's impossible to deny in this addictive reality series that follows the life of international adult star Jodie Moore 24/7. The series focuses on the behind the scenes drama of her life featuring her fans, friends, her lover/manager Craig Fisher, fellow Strip performers, Adult Film Stars, and hangers on, who all star along with Jodie in this no holds bar journey into her world. Nudity only.

Produced by: RSP

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