Apollo 11: First Steps on the Moon
A unique documentary, profiling this historic mission through the eyes of all three astronauts and several top Nasa officials who participated in it.

Apollo 12: Uncensored
From the lighting strike at liftoff, to the splashdown disaster that almost caused the first space flight fatality. APOLLO 12: UNCENSORED tells the true story of the Apollo 12 Moon Mission that NASA never told.

Apollo 13: The Untold Story
This film tells the real story behind the unforgettable Ron Howard/Tom Hanks film. In this film we feature the real astronauts, the actual footage and real events of Apollo 13.

Apollo 16: The Men, Moon, and Memories
After 25 years the untold human side of the Apollo 16 moon mission is now made available to the public, as the crew members finally reveal their riveting experience. An engaging and definitive documentary looking at this historic mission through...

Apollo 17: Final Footprints on the Moon
The Apollo 17 mission was the final opportunity to collect first hand information about the history and origin of the Moon. This film looks at this historic mission through the eyes of those who participated in it. Including Commander Eugene...

Apollo 8: Christmas at the Moon
This one hour documentary profiles the first manned Mission to the Moon, and includes interviews with the astronauts and many of the NASA officials who were a part of this historic event.

Behind the Race to the Moon
This program presents evidence of accidents, haphazard safety precautions, and the deaths of hundreds of people in both the U.S. and former Soviet Union, all in the frenzied race to the Moon by these two superpowers.

Bob Truax: A Pioneering Rocket Scientist
A profile of the pioneering rocket scientist Bob Truax, who designed many of Americas first generation of military rockets, including the Thor and Polaris missiles, as well as designing the engines of world record setting cars.

Cosmic Travelers: Comets and Asteroids
An examination of the dangers posed by potential comet and asteroid impacts with the Earth, as well as the future plans to research and exploit these celestial bodies

Dr. Sally Ride: A Woman Space Pioneer
A profile of the first American women in space, Dr. Sally Ride. The film covers her upbringing from childhood through her career as a scientist at Stanford University, and her entry as one of the first group of women astronauts...

Final Target: Planet Earth
This film takes a stark look at the present efforts and problems associated with the location and observation of possible life-threatening collisions by comets and asteroids, as well as plans humankind many eventually have to have for its protection

In Search of the Universe
When the Soviet Union launched the first man into space, the United States decided to revive its own problematic space program. IN SEARCH OF THE UNIVERSE is a one-hour program taking you from the beginning of the space race through...

Jackie Cochran: The First Lady of Flight
This profile of Jackie Cochran is a story of a woman who set more aviation records than anyone before or after her, male or female, and going on to become the first woman to fly faster than the speed of...

Lifequest Mars: The Search for Life
A film serves as a look into what the first manned mission to Mars will really look like, and the plans that NASA has of proceeding with such a mission and what the astronauts will do while on the Martian...

Made for Mars: The Pathfinder
Spectacular footage and findings of the probe's huge success on Mars, and the implications for future Martian missions.

Moonwalkers: The Men of Apollo
This program takes a humorous look at the thoughts and feelings of the Apollo astronauts and missions to the Moon’s surface.

Project Gemini: Bridge to the Moon
All of the necessary technologies required to reach the Moon was first tested during Project Gemini, which comprised of ten missions in the mid-1960s.

Scary and Deadly incidents in Space
In charting the mysterious expanse of space, both men and women pioneers risked their lives to further human kinds reach and influence. Some of these pioneer heroes never came back, while others experienced explosions, catastrophe, and injury. This film explosives...

The Cosmonaut Cover-up
Yuri Gagarin, turns out not to be the first in space, but that he was preceded by another Russian cosmonaut who crash landed and was covered up for over 45 years by the former Soviet Union and the United States.

The Rise and Fall of the Russian Space Program
This program looks at the history of the Russian Space Program from its tremendous accomplishment of being the first to send a satellite into space, to its spiraling path downward and ultimate extinction when communism died, when the Russian economy...

The Soyuz Conspiracy
The story of the death of cosmonaut Colonel Vladimir Komarov during the first flight of the Soyuz spacecraft and the cover-up.

Tunguska: The Russian Roswell
In 1908, in a remote region of Siberia near the Tunguska river, a 40-megaton nuclear explosion of unknown origin literally vaporized and destroyed hundreds of square miles of forests and villages. This event, which took place over 30 years before...

Women Space Pioneers
This is the story of the first six women astronauts in the American Space program at NASA, who were chosen before the flight of the first Shuttle, and what effects they had on the future of women's participation in the...