Animals, Animal, Animals

Animal Transgenics: A New Breed of Science
This program explores how animals could be grown bigger and faster, and at the same time it also exposes how environmental, health and safety issues have been completely ignored in the headlong pursuit of creating new animal species.

Caution Show Dogs
Each year, at many prestigious Dog Shows, hundreds of breeders from all over the world present their very best. These dogs are representative of the astounding diversity from decades of meticulous breeding. Get to know four top breeders, their dogs...

Gibbons: The Forgotten Apes in Peril
Gibbons are highly intelligent, agile and acrobatic tree-dwelling apes, found in the tropical forests of Asia. Most of the gibbon species are highly endangered and are on the verge of extinction, as a result of the destruction of their...

Hoolock Gibbons: Grasping the Last Branch
The Hoolock Gibbons of Bangladesh have been brought to the brink of extinction by the relentless destruction of their forested habitats throughout the country, even in the most highly protected forest reserves. This species used to number in the tens of...

The events of September 11th shook the globe but during the horror a few moments of animal triumph stood out - These are the tales of those animals. the documentary Tales from Ground Zero, produced by in association with...

Vanished Creatures: The Birds
This program takes a stark look at humankindís embarrassing past history of driving several bird species to extinction, and the resulting implications for a humanity left unchecked.

Young of the Wild
The miracle of life: a never-ending source of wonder and beauty: from the smallest to the largest creatures on earth, the keys to survival are past down from one generation to the next. For some, it is instinct, while others...

A Fascinating one-hour study of cat behavior and how people can recognize the different behavior patterns of pet cats