Amazon Video Direct Top-Performing Content Partners | Variety OCTOBER 5, 2016 | 

The Amazon Video Direct Stars incentive program awards a share of $1 million in bonus cash each month to providers that self-publish content into Prime Video in the following categories: top 50 movie titles, top 10 TV seasons, and top 25 digital providers for all other eligible content types. The rankings are based on “customer engagement,” which Amazon calculates using a combination of metrics including hours viewed, streams and customer rating, and the $1 million kitty is distributed proportionately based on customer engagement (i.e., partners or titles with higher customer engagement receive a greater share of the award pool).

Here are the top Amazon Prime partners and titles for August 2016:

Top 10 TV Seasons
“The Price of Empire”:
“That Girl”:
“Judge Faith-First Stage Play; Bringing Down the House”:
“The Terror Routes – The Countdown”: Alliant Content “History’s Verdict: Hero or Villain? – De Gaulle”:
“Death Row: A History of Capital Punishment in America – Last Meals and Last Words”: Mill Creek Entertainment
“Pioneer Quest – Survivors Of The Real West”: MONARCH FILMS
“Colonel March of Scotland Yard – The New Invisible Man”:
“America’s Serial Killers: Portraits in Evil – The Night Stalker and Jeffrey Dahmer”:
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